20/01/2021 20:33:35

Special Sessions


Organisers of Special Sessions are responsible for:

  • Select a topic of interest to conference delegates.
  • Obtain papers on this topic, normally a minimum of 5 for an invited special session, but often more. At least 60% of the papers must be by authors that are neither session chairs, from their team nor reviewers for the session. 
  • If there are not sufficient papers, final accepted papers will be moved to the general track.
  • Manage the review process for these papers on due time and deadlines.
  • Provide suitable reviewers for the reviews of the papers.
  • Ensure the final versions of the papers are uploaded before the deadline.
  • Attend the conference and chair the session.
  • Provide a list of international reviewers (name, affiliation, country) who have already accepted to review the papers.
  • Disseminate widely a call for papers for the special session.
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Researchers who would like to organise one or more Invited Special Sessions on topics falling within the scope of the conference are invited to submit a proposal for consideration. If so, please send an e-mail to specialsessions@cisisconference.eu including the following information, once you have fulfill the following form:

  • Title of the special session and selected conference
  • Name of chair/co-chairs, email/s and affiliation/s
  • One or two paragraphs describing the content of the session.
  • List of at least 10 international reviewers (including the chairs) from at least three different universities (name, family name, email, affiliation).
  • Description of the plan to disseminate the special session (CFPs, etc). 

Special Session proposals submission deadline: 15th January 2022